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Heres my computer.. The stats are in my signature.
Took me 2 days to mod the case to fit everthing... lots of work.
Its harder than building one of this mini itx computers. lol
tell me what you think people.


by the way... the old computer had a celeron 533 with 64 meg pc 100 and a 10 gig hard drive... the new one has a special edition wd caviar 80 gig with an 8 meg buffer. got a zip drive to. gonna put 512-768 megs of mem when i get the cash, and a trident xp4.


the thing has an exaust blower and that big ass fan on the side of the computer.. the cpu runs at an average of 115f wich is well under 160. so overclocking isnt a problem lol


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like he said no air flow..

I have a 1900+ 1.60 ghz cpu and it normally runs @ 1.73 ghz oc'd with a temp of 40c or less... @ default it is around 95-105 F...

115 for me is a tad too hot... my cut off temp is around 130f... not much headroom for oc'ing there mate :)

but its a nice little rig... cute side fan....
I modded a case once with 2 side fans and that just made that rig a hell of a lot louder...cold but sounded like a damn vacuum cleaner.


its pretty quiet.... i went to a couple diff shops till i found the ones that produced the less dbs. you guys are hard to impress lol. Everybody was pretty impressed when they saw it run... Downloaded all the latest drivers and went into the forums and sat there for 3 hours and this thing boots up in less than 15 seconds from the start button and i got a 2024 score on 3dmark on the stock gpu with the new detonator for the nvidia.... pretty impressive for only 256 megs of mem
well dont get me wrong, its a nice job you did, thats a slick case. I'm just saying that I personally prefer bigger (server sized) cases for the room, the look, and basically as I said before, the air flow. I have a chieftec server with plexi side mod. 5 fans and a volcano7+ and im happy with it...still a bit loud but you phase it out after a while hehe. On a full load im hitting 47C. With my old case (same setup just smaller) I was hitting 51C...


I acctually do prefer large cases myself.... my last one was a monster... I just was lookin at the computer and i was like... you know... i wonder if i can soup that up and grunted a tim allen, pulled my belt up and tore the board out and measured it to ones in stores.... i finally hit a store called enu who had some mini atxboards and by shear chance i found one that was just a little bigger than the one in it.. so i moded the case for two freakin days and got it in there.. then i had probs with the memory slots the hdd placment and god knows what else... but i finally got it in there never to be removed... you have to admit. in a case where everything seriously misses each other by literal millimetes running at 45c on average is pretty good..


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Nice case, I got a feeble Athlon 1GHz, in a small Aluminium case, It runs about 35-39 C, which is lovely, I have OCed it a few times to 1150 MHz, and it got to about 41 C, I am not sure if I can OC it further, it would be nice to OC a 1GHz to a 1.2GHz, but I dont know. The Norm Temp seems to up by a degree for every additional 50MHz.

Anyone know the safe op temps for an Athlon Orig version.


your probably using some real high quality pc133 then... I've had problems with 1ghz processors that high before... but i did get a 1.2 gzh duron to 1.4 on an ECS k7s5a with the beta bios by oc worckbench. got a litle hot though.


windows 98 is alot more tolerant to overclocking..... windows xp pisses me off sometimes because of that
i agree but I'd much rather deal with the problems of XP than the problems of 98...its like alter then reboot alter then reboot
DAMN YOU 98!!!
*shakes fist at sky*

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