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My computer has the speed of a stoned sloath

cactus jack

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i've been trying to work this out for most of the day and i stumbled accross this forum.

my CPU is constantly at 100%, it never usally is (i read teh system idle thing above, my system thing doesn't show the system idle usae in it's graphic) i've run a spybot check which found 3 things, a spydoctor check which found 800 odd things, that i deleted, and the windows defender thing that found nothing, it started when i wasn't connected to the internet, it crashed whilst watching an avi file on windows media player, i rebooted and i used audacity to record 8 mins of audio then converted it to MP3, later that evening, itunes was struggling to play or let me sort through playlists and now it won't do anything at all, and the machine now just runs constantly at 100% on only one programme making it hard to do practically anything,

any ideas? i really dunno what to do, i'm not exactly a computer expert you see and i think i've tried most of the obvious stuff, i also started in safe mode but realised that i've no idea how to use it,
this will clean out temp files and old registry files.

also, dont forget about the amount of programs you have startup with your computer. the less, the faster.

notice this also: Norton Antivirus (in my case at least) slowed my computer down so badly, i uninstalled it.

good luck
I would also look into Process XP. It's made by MS to find out what processes are running Find out specifically what is using your CPU. I'd also look into maybe doing a reinstall of windows if you start to run out of options and cleaning tools.

Or if you are local to another OSNN member, you might be able to receive assistance from someone that can help you look.

I live in Raleigh NC, and if you are close, I'd be more than willing to help solve your problem.
I assume you are running Windows XP? If you're running Vista let us know and ask for the thread to be moved to the Vista forum where you 'll get Vista specific help.

Hit ctl-alt del and select the processes tab. Click on the CPU column title and it will sort by which program is using the CPU. Idle process should be near 99%, everything else at 0%.

Look at any programs that are using more than 10% of cpu time. Click that process to select it and then click the end process button to end it. Idle should now go up to 99% and the computer performance come back. It may take a while to end the process if it is using too much of the CPU time. (Warning don't click explorer.exe or you will reboot.)

When the computer speed comes back or a process refuses to end you know which was the guilty program. Either the program is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled or some service it is using is not responding. Example - if you can't get an internet connection any program trying yo do downloads will hang up.

Welcome to OSNN.

cactus jack

OSNN One Post Wonder

thanks for replies, i live in Altrincham in England, but thank you for the offer, :)

yes its XP, i downloaded that programme and it's running, there are 79 processes running, i don't know what a lot oof them are, most of them are not using CPU time all the time but every so often a random amount of programmes leap up and take up all the time

i think however there may be more problems, it took 25 mins to boot up today including one failure where it took 8 mins to actually get to the password screen, then when i put the password in, it came up with that blue screen that says "begining dump of phsyical memory" it eventually loaded up with the last known configuration, but that took a whole episode of Whose Line is it anyway

there is plently of space left on the machine, there are 2 35 gb hard drives the main one with the operating system on has 10gb left and the other one has 32 gb left, i have an external hard drive (232gb) which has 23 gb left, i don't know if there is a virus as the checker is out of date but there is something seriously wrong


Carbon based lifeform
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hmmm. when you get to the desktop go to run, type msconfig then go to startup. uncheck all the superfluous programs, Adobe, Apple quick time, Real any other things. click apply and then reboot upon entering your startup you will get a box that says you modifed your startup , just click thje box that says "don''t show this again.'

you might consider a Hijack this log so we can look at it.
hey, what are the specifications of your computer? do you know what speed your processor is, or how much ram you have?

8 minutes to boot to the login screen makes me think your pc is just, old.

as stated before: reinstalling the OS is looking like a good idea. make sure to get all the updates before surfing the net too much.

cactus jack

OSNN One Post Wonder
thanks again, whats a hijack this log?

the laptop is quite new, i've had it 8 months and bought it brand new, it's an ACER, processor Intel Pentium M Processor 1.73GHz with 1GB of ram and a 70GB hard drive (split into two) the OS is XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 2, unfortunately it didn't come with a disc which is always iritating but i think i have the disc i did when i first got the machine will that work?

i'm gonna try that MSCONFIG thing now

Update that Antivirus now! If the liscence has expired there are several good freeware ones available. I use AVG and there is a good free one on the AOL site. Most ISP's now offer one for download also.

Hijackthis.exe is a free program for checking if your computer has been taken over by virii, spyware, etc. http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/programs.php#hijackthis

That much time in Interrupts means the CPU is trying to access hardware, A LOT! That should not be happening. You may have a defective peice of hardware that is not responding or incorrect or corrupted drivers.

You will need your repair disk for the LAPTOP to repair drivers or you may be able to download them from ACER online. Email ACER support and find out if you can have repair disk mailed to you. They are usually a few dollars for shipping and you should not be without one.

First we have to find out if it is harwdare or software. That means updating the AV and running the hijack this program and posting the log back here.

Once we know the computer is clean we can start trying to isolate a HW bug, but since your LAPTOP is only 8 months old the manufacturer should really be doing that if you have a local repair place. If nothing local it might take 3-6 weeks to get your laptop returned. Trouble shooting the WH will involve disabling functions in bios or through windows and seeing which one stops the problem.

Shamus MacNoob

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There is an application on that ACER to rebuild the entire laptop to the staate it was when you bought it, it is in the program menu .. cant remember the name Acer CPR utility maybe/

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