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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by destinywaste, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. destinywaste

    destinywaste Guest

    My pc hangs up each time I move large sized files (like 600MB MPEG files) I move files on a regular basis since I run a server. I'm not sure whats casuing teh problem. Can anyone help?

  2. allan

    allan Guest

    First thing you want to do is look in the event viewer and see if you can spot any relevant errors.

    Also, could you please post your system specs and also tell us what you mean by "moving" (ie, from one partition to another, from one hd to another, from your hd to backup media, etc).
  3. destinywaste

    destinywaste Guest

    It hangs up when I move files between different hard drives.

    OS:[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] CPU:[1-Intel Pentium III (Cu), 797MHz, 256KB] Memory:[/256MB]

    I can't take a look in the task manager since my pc freezes. I'm not able to do anything apart from rebooting the system.
  4. allan

    allan Guest

    Event viewer, not task manager.

    Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer. It keeps a record - look after you reboot.
  5. destinywaste

    destinywaste Guest

    It doesn't show anything relating to the crash.
    The folder shows Informations and errors. The only error that orrcued today is --

    The Creative Service for CDROM Access service failed to start due to the following error:
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    I don't think this has anything to do with my system failure.
  6. allan

    allan Guest

    Okay. How much ram do you have and what is your pagefile set for? Also, please check in msconfig and see if there are any programs starting you weren't aware of.

    Also, I'll apologize in advance but I'll be back and forth the rest of the evening.
  7. beatlesdb

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    What kind of HD's are you using? how big are they? and what is the motherboard chipset - via based?
    if it's a via motherboard - check for updates. I had a similar problem with some older HD's on XP I found by turning off HDD caching it seemed to help - you may need to upgrade the HD if they are too old as I did (ATA 33).
  8. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    how much Ram do u have?
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  9. destinywaste

    destinywaste Guest

    Im trying to transfer between a
    Maxtor and WDC WD102BB

    MY Ram is 256

    I have recenly experienced my movie files been damaged when i moved them.
  10. beatlesdb

    beatlesdb Guest

    That's a really good sign that one of the drives is gonna die on you!! - you just have to track which drive is causing the problem - I would bet its the WD (Worst drive brand out there) but the Maxtor is next in line for bad drives - if you ever up-grade the drives - go for Segate :)