my cat about to attack the plant


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well.. there she is... eyeing up the plant...

she had an episode in the pool a coupla weeks ago so she's a little more careful now :D she instead sits in the flower bed next to the pool in the background lol...

yah... she;s a sweetheart...



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she's a dear :D

she gave me a new 5 inch scratch right after that pic was taken when I tried to get her off the plant lol..

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I got the same scratch from trying to keep the neighbours cat away from my pet rat :eek:
I tell him it's not dinner but he doesn't listen :rolleyes:


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My girlfriend has two pet rats. Man those thing grow fast we got them as tiny little babies and now a few months later they are huge. I prefer my pet Bearded Dragon. The rats are more active than the lizard but the lizard sleeps at night unlike the rats and the lizard does not smell like the rats do.


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ah.. I think I have seen them in pet shops...

cute but I am not a big fan of bird feed smell :(

it screws with my asthma..


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my cat has a love for riding in cars... I always thought they hated travelling... but she just walks all around the car cabin a few times... stares @ me and jumps on my shoulder and digs her claws in...

I don't think shje realises she's grown up from being a little kitten yet... she still tries to do the same stuff she did when she was TINY...


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get away from my cat you... :eek:

I blow dried her when she fell in the pool :D

washed her properly and then blow dried her :D

she LOVED it...
Unleashed said:
Ive always wanted a lizard!
Im looking at getting an iguana soon...
Iguana's get big and very often mean. Berdie's get to be about 18-22 inches and are very friendly creatures with more personality than I ever thought possible from a reptile. I got it for the kids but she is mine now :D

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