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My Buddies HDtach score is awesome


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Hiya Guys,

My Buddy is putting together a new system, and we were going through what he would consider a best bang for the buck scenario.

Also asked for him to post his HDtach/3DMark05 scores when the build was completeThis is his HDTach Score:

I found this score to be amazing. He posted on my site Here

Noone has posted since.

If you guys want, post you scores yourselves, as well, that would be cool.



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The score is just a lot faster than it should be. :)

HDtach has issues with some scores.


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Looking at the site, it looks like he is running:
3X Seagate, 120gig 7800.9 Sata Raid 0 Nforce4Raid
3 SATA drives in a raid 0 will have very fast sequential read - more so if the files are small and the drives have a large cache.

But, how often do you think your data is read in perfect sequential order on your drive? A better test of real world performance would be to run a benchmark with multiple file sizes and random read/write - this test really tells you nothing of how the setup performs for daily computing. Unless you pair this with a high-end RAID controller, 3 drives in a RAID 0 may actually increase your average random seek time since it has to search through each of the 3 drives for data so while it my read the data faster, it takes longer to find the data you are looking for across the drives.

With 3 drives in a RAID 0 you have 3 times the chances of data loss in case of drive failure - are you willing to take on a 300% increase in risk for questionable performance gain?


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If you do a proper backup then there is no loss, or little. But in comparison the speed for loads is amazing, but the 5% CPU useage in not.


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I think that he has a separate HD for his files, He does know that it this setup collapses, he loses everything.

The extra HD is a PATA drive that only holds files.

What does 5% CPU usage mean? Is it too High? What would be a better CPU usage %?

I personnaly never seen this kind of HDTach speed, but if it's HDTach itself, then whatelse can he try out?



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I chose the silicon controller on my board just for the reason it uses less CPU than others.

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