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my big mistake.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok recently i relized my dfi board was foobar(shi*ty) so i ordered a ASUS AN A8N-SLI deluxe. So far great board.

Ok when i took out the old mother board the zalman cooler on my CPU was afixed to the CPU so in trying to take it off the CPU, the CPU acually just popped out still stuck to the Zalman. T in it self wasent a great thing but oh well it happend well in gentely prying the cpu of the zalman i slipped the padded screwdriver head and knocked the cpu off.. you would think this is what i wanted but no.. when it fell off i wasent ready for it and it fell and hit my motherboard..... (you can see this getting bad). When i picked it up i saw the real damage. about 30 pins in one corner were bent dawn half way at least.. these pins as most of you know are roughly the size of a really thin peice of mechanical pencil lead.. Iv just spent 2 hours with a straight edge and a magnifing glass.. and IT WORKS AGAIn!!!!!!! i just had to share this story. Once i get windows up and running gona do a burn in all night.

oh and i will post a review on the ASUS AN A8N-SLI deluxe later so far though sooooo much beter than the DFI POS...


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Get in! I was reading that story thinking 'Oh no, oh no, oh shiiit' as each step got worse and worse, assuming that it was gonna end horribly, but it didn't! Nice one.

PS What's a burn in?


Blame me for the RAZR's
iv considered sending it back.. but it seems to be working fine. and god knows if i sent it back i spend another 200 on one of the X2 procc hehe..something i dont need to do right this moment hehe.
a burn in is just stressing the componet. im gona use prime 95 tonight and let things go at it.


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Two words.


When any thermal paste or pad sticks something. Heat it up.

I have actually stepped on a old (well, kinda new at the time) AMD 550 K6-2 and straightened the pins with my fingernail and it is still running today.

Glad to hear that it was OK though, almost made me sick reading it.


Blame me for the RAZR's
lol in he future thats great advice damn.. hehe i dont think any perm damage has been done.. hopefully i mean. most of the heat is in the procc on top going out. so i dont think the pliable pins will suffer. hehe

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I would have heated it up too by either running the PC to get the CPU hot right before removal or used a hair dryer. Prying it off you risk cracking the die or taking a chip out of it.

Seems everything worked out this time though.
Okay now the same thing is what happened to me when MFG gave me his athlon64 with Zalman cooler on top.


There, hopefully some people will take notice and use sensible coolers :D

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It's not the cooler but the amount of crap (paste) you put on the heat sink. Smaller is better. As mentioned heat it up first then gently break the seal.

When this happened to me I used a letter opener to staighten the pins.


Blame me for the RAZR's

There, hopefully some people will take notice and use sensible coolers
load of BS the zalman cooler is by far the best cooler i have used. Its super silent and cools very very well. the error was mine. I should of heated it up and i had too much artic silver on it. I still reccomend this cooler for anyone.
VenomXt said:
Strange - I've been hearing good things about it from a number of people saying DFI took a turn for a better future with this board. I guess you'd testify otherwise; if I may ask, what didn't you like about it?


Blame me for the RAZR's
my being unhappy is a mixture of things. the biggest of which having a slightly bad board that causes a few very frustrating problems.
1. unable to post with 2 gigs of ram installed. (4 sticks)~most likely a bad board.
2. small issues with the onboard raid controller
3. the bios is amazing and while there were alot of things that i loved about it, It was almost too complicated. when you have 600 options or more hehe doing a quick tweak isnt possible.
4. DFI websit being so damn slow. Try getting a bios or a driver uber slow. hehe
the ram issue is down to the amd cpu, you need to use single sided ram if you want all 4 slots full adn you need it set to 2T even then.

there are 2 raid controllers on the dfi board in question you could have used the otherone

the board was build for hardcore overclockers what did you expect? :p

blame china :p


Blame me for the RAZR's
the ram issue was a fault i know about the 2T issue what im running as a timimg on this. I pretty sure i just had a bad board. One last thing there wasent going to be enough room for my video card in sli hehe so. Im happy with the asus. anyone know if i can stick my singel graphics car in the second pci slot?


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Good to hear the CPU is ok.

I also have a SLI-Deluxe and love it. Asus has really won me over with thier motherboards, always top notch.

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