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My 9/11 Tribute....



In honor of the anniversary of September 11, we are releasing a song dedicated to everyone affected by the events of that day one year ago. A tribute to the victims, the families, the survivors and the heroes, here is

Beyond the Grey.

You can download the song above, and read the lyrics here.

We're not trading places
I'm simply lending you my hand
for the time spent passing:
things you can't yet understand...
Had to grow up last night
so you could be all right today.
Did he never teach you
the sky is blue beyond the grey?

you know, I never saw him cry

Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I'll be for you what he was for me;
Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I can show you how it all could be...

Once there was a shield for me,
someone to show me how it's done;
with one hand to hold back the grey,
never knew anything but sun.
Sure, that's gone for me now,
but it doesn't have to be, for you:
for I am your shield, I am your parachute,
and I can be our anchor too.

Now I've got to be the one who doesn't cry.

Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I'll be for you what he was for me;
Yeah, 'cause I love you
I can show you how a life could be...

No one's trading places,
we have to take each other's hand.
So much, so fast, and still so many things
I've just begun to understand.
Had to grow up last night,
'cause someone left us yesterday,
but I know just where he's gone to:
above the blue, beyond the grey

and somehow, he'll be so proud:

Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I'll be for you what he was for me;
Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I will show you how it all could be;
Yeah, 'cause I love you,
I'll be by you, like he stood by me;
Yeah, 'cause I Love You,
I will save you, just like he saved me.


its only fun


Very well written

Very well sung

Very moving




I'm no music critic but I know a good tune [song] when I hear one

Blak n Wite

Definitely an awesome song that you guys have composed, WAZ. Is the CD available in Canada? :D


In Rememberance.

Deicated to all New Yorkers, and Americans, and others who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

The Final Call.

It calls but once a lifetime, no matter who you are,
The young, the old, the weak, the strong, the shining movie star.
It cares not who it chooses, it knows not right or wrong,
It singles out, we know not who, among the human throng,
Death is not a burden, that we carry through our lives,
We think we`ve often beat it, but we know we`re telling lies.
It takes away our loved ones, that we`ve cherished all our days,
It comes to us in many forms, and many different ways.
We seem to take it in our stride, and grieve those who have gone,
And memories of happiness are harnessed in a song.
We live those memories every day, we may not be aware,
But when we talk about them, then we realise we care.
The time must come to all of us, when we must cast away,
The earthly human mantle, that we carry every day,
Those loved ones that we leave behind, will grieve, and then go on,
As we did for those before us, and praise us in a song,
For all of us who leave this earth, upon deaths final pain,
Let no one tell you different, “HERE`S TILL WE MEET AGAIN.


High On Life!
today i have a lil somthing of my own, i didnt wanna make a new thread but it could fall into this thread. after going to my dads office many times and looking at the huge picture he has of the wtcs i asked him to take it home, so he let me, i took it and am ganna hang it in my room, the reason he had that pic is because his company had two floors in the wtcs 106 on both wtcb i think, well i know its 106 cuz it says it on the pic, but i dont know if its both 106

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