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My 2nd hard drive disappeared on me, what to do???

My "E" drive Disappeared on me in "My Computer" I went to Admin tools and could not find it there either, and could not find it in any windows apps, and on boot up it does see it but it's not one of my storage drives which means windows can't see it I guess. everything is connected correctly and nothing changed there, just double checked it and it's all fine there. I also went to "Run" and typed "chkntfs /e" and nothing. I need help, lots of business files on there.

Thanks in advance
I did, and bought new cables today, still nothing. I did buy another hard drive and it seems to work on the new sata system, but cannot get mine to go at all :-(

I have "Get data back" and it sees the drive, but says there are many errors on the drive itself. I would try and fix the bad clusters or whatever but I can't do it since no windows checker can find it.


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The drive probably failed methinks. Extract the data off the drives, if you can, and cut your losses. I used R-Studio myself, if you want a data recovery program suggestion.

But, for your sake, I hope I'm wrong, but, since this happened to me once before, that's why I'm guessing the drive might have died.


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