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Just noticed you used a news icon. We're not using those atm due to them looking like sh!t on the darker background. If you could all refrain from using news icons until (if ever) they are cleaned up, that would be great.

PS.. I took it out of your post GoNz0


Originally posted by Jewelzz
Hehe, I deleted it. GMeagle86 submitted that article earlier today :)
Sorry... I try to keep ahead of the news... if it makes you feel any better I have been "depressed' so many times because I find a neat article, and come to find out it is already posted.

FYI I am going to try to submit news in the morning and then the evening. The middle of the day does not work out right now due to conflicts.


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i find that....i do a lot of posting when it's like 4am for all americans:huh:

btw last night 8 out of the 15 news articles on the frount page had my name on them:p

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