My 1998 machine:


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15 Sep 2003
I just dug up the machine that I had from 1998. Man, I loved this computer, rock solid, ran cool, a little loud, but worked great.

AMD K6-2 550mhz
PCChips PM-585LMR Motherboard:
-Onboard Lan
-Onboard Video
-Onboard Sound
Maximum supported RAM: 768MB (I think one of the 3 slots is dead)
It's even the board that has the VIA GRA chip.

I've been able to get it to post, and start setting up Windows 2000 Pro SP4 since I cannot find all of the supported Windows XP Pro SP2 drivers. That and it would run much faster with Win2000.

I've loaded it with 512MB ram, since I can't utilize the 3rd slot, and the maximum size PC100 ram I have is 256MB.
Thrown on a DVD/CDRW combo drive, Antec 350W PSU, and a WD100GB HD.

Sadly, after finally getting the configurations right, and going through the ram, I started to install windows but to no avail... The HD is shot and cannot be recognized by even the WD Lifeguard tools.

That was my last spare IDE drive. :( Now I have to find one or trade out for one. :p
Please do and get it folding!!
It was my original SETI machine. Heh, now one of my other machines has turned into my SETI machine.

I plan on setting this one up solely to store MP3s, video files, and play DVDs onto the TV. So during it's offtime, it won't be doing much else. So I think I could turn it into a folding machine. It's just a matter of getting a HD. I'm short on cash so it may be a while. Heck, the thing doesn't even have a case so I'm looking to try and build a case for it. :p
I completly understand. Sounds like a fun project.
Well, I got my hands on a HD, but the thing only has 2 USB ports, so I plugged in a USB PCI card, but that won't work, the computer locks up because of it. I've tried so many variations on getting this thing to work with added USB parts but it's a no go. And I was hoping to use my USB Wireless card with it to get it to be on the network. Instead of hardlined...
Put linux on it and start folding. You can use myth TV for a DVR or you can just download the recent codecs, either way, it needs to be up and folding.
AAAAAAAggggghhhhhh!!!!! Ubuntu and fold, and then get your nifty folding badge.
First I want to get the thing to have wireless. And then a case. And whatnot. I wouldn't mind Linux. But finding drivers for Linux to work on the thing might be hard.
I'm thinking I may sell off all of my old parts. I just can't get this thing to work the way I want it to. It works, but I need it to be wireless right now and have more USB ports. But the PCI bus isn't enough for it.

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