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MX700 Feel



I just got this mouse today in the mail, and I must say I love it.

It's got the best reaction time I have ever seen. My older MS mouse had a little lag in it.

Plus this one is more than twice as smooth.

But the problem is with the feel. It does not feel good at all near my pinky (left side of my hand).

Is this normal at first ? I guess it will go away after time...

It's like it's puttting my hand into an un natural position. I think it might be bad for my hand over time.
I have the same problem as you, I can never quickly get used to a new mouse style, so i have purchaced the exact same casing now 4 times. Luckily MS kept their basic design the same...

However, I do know that when i have had to change, i normally get used to it within a month. If it still bothers you, i'd suggest then thinking about changing it as carpel tunnel is not a good thing.
took me a while to get used to holding a mouse with batteries in it, i was used to the lightweight m$ optical before. i got used to the feel after 2 weeks, i wouldn't change it for anything at the mo :)
If you wait for the right time, you can get them cheaper. I got mine at Staples one day for $55. I guess it's still expensive for a mouse, but "you get what you pay for". Even then, it was hard to justify the price for a mouse. Oh well, you can't take money with you when you die. :)

Oh, and now that I have my MX700, I LOVE it. I never had the pinkie problem others seem to have and the weight isn't too bad either considering. It holds a charge for quite a while and charges quickly.
Originally posted by taurus
first 9 posts are dated fabruary. it was $70 back then. :)
doh! I usually just look at the first page in a forum for "new" posts and assume they are in fact new. It's too much trouble to look at the post date. ;) :eek:
LOL... fine, blame it on me :D *soon to be another satisfied MX lover*

I'm getting the Cordless MX Duo KB + M set for $100 Cdn (approx. $76 US) so I was just searching for posts on the MX700 and figured I'd try and help out the thread starter w/o realizing how old the post was. :cool:

It does not feel good at all near my pinky (left side of my hand).
Figured he was trying to use his left hand cause the pinky is only on the left side of the hand on the left hand.

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