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Must awaited tweak/tutorial.



I just wanted to say that i think that the must awaited release of a tweak/tutorial would have to be d_top tutorial by madmatt. Ever since we have seen the pix of it and had the beta release <which is no longer up> :) Everyone and there mother has been waiting to see the final release. Rumour has it that it will be released some time this weekend "Woo Hoo"! Now mind you if we have to wait a couple more days or so that will be fine to. Just wanted to see if anyone agrees with me or not :) And a big 2 thumbs up to madmatt for investing so much of his time to make us not so smart user very happy :D


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I've seen a few of the results from the beta testers, they all look great! matt did a great job on the tutorial, you'll all be pleased :)
yeah... thats a well awaited tutorial set :).... lukily us staff got our grubby hands on it first.. and yeah.. as J has said above... its pretty sweet :)

Should be out fairly soon though :)



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I put the final touches on version 2 this morning. Once I sit down with EP and get the details hammered out, it will go live.

The tutorial has been completely revamped and contains new, never before released code.

The wait is almost over.

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