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MusicMatch Jukebox tweaks


The One and Only
does anyone know where i could find some registry tweaks or any kind of tweak for Musicmatch Jukebox? i love the program lots, but there are some ways to make it run better, and i can't remember how (i.e. disabling the splash screen)


The One and Only
lion, sorry that it took so long, but i completely forgot that i made this post. i found an easy way to remove the splash screen from musicmatch. if you go into the folder where musicmatch is installed, delete both the audio and image file from the folder. not hard to tell which one it is. i think the image is actually called splash or something like that, and both of them are the only file of their kind in the entire folder.


The One and Only
well, i'm using MMJB version 8 and having no problems at all.

Octopus, i like MM because even though it is big on the screen, it can rip songs from a cd into many different formats. also because the sound quality is pretty nice.
I had no problems with 8 for about 2 weeks, than I couldn't listen to CDs anymore..everything else worked fine. I was listening to CD, skipped to next song..nothing but silance. Tried 3 more CDs still the same..MM said to uncheck Playback box..didn't help.
Because of the way 8 installs now, I could re-install, so I went back to 7.5..CDs had sound again. Fine, did update back to 8...lost CD sound again....lol...so I'm back to 7.5 for awhile.

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