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12 Apr 2002
We kind of started the concept in the "what are you listening to" thread but I think considering the lack of people posting with the tags, it might be better just to have it's own little thread :)

Please use the yt tags enclosed within closed square brackets. i.e. [ yt ] [ /yt ]. Naturally, please remove the spaces.

To use the tags, you ONLY need the code, not the entire URL. The code is after the "="'s sign. You can use my post as a template for the code. Just cut and past the "URL" alongside the video and delete everything before the ='s sign including the sign itself. Leave only the code.

If posting multiple video, just place them side by side at least 2 across, the forums can take it, trust me.

Also, refrain from inappropriate material. I'll get things started with a music video I consider one of the best ever. Not "Thriller", rather it was "Smooth Criminal" that got me interested in the world of dance and music :)

Once my ankle and shin heal back up, I'm getting back into the world of glides and floats ;)

I have enclosed both the extended cut and the regular version of the video.
Old school Jackson is some cool stuff man, good choices :D
Lotsa respect to Scatman John. He was a good guy :)
Don't we have mtv for this ... oh yeah i forgot mtv only shows crap on tv now lol.

Video #1:
Godsmack - Batalla De Los Tambores
(Godsmack's lead singer Sully Erna & drummer Shannon Larkin.
They did this on their Changes DVD.)

Video #2:
Godsmack - Speak
(Off of their latest album that has some kick ass tracks on it)

Video #3:
Pink - Dear Mr. President
(Live in NYC)

Video #4:
Tupac - Changes

My ever increasing playlist:
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I'll tell you what, this is fast becoming my favvorite thread

is there any way to get u tube full screen?

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