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Here in the US she has become popular (in a manner of speaking) for the haunting music during the Ultraviolet trailer.

Her album is a different pop/rock/reggae/alternative mish-mash, many at the same time.

24 is my fav song of the lot :) and its mainly for the chorus (which is actually a countdown, 24/18/13/8/1). Jem has a lovely voice for the songs she sings. They just would not sound the same if someone else was singing it, its a fabulous song and it is the one that has made her popular here in the states because it is on Vh-1's countdown.

Save me and Wish I are also good tracks. The others are a mish-mash that people may or may not like, depending on their personal tastes.

A la Air, Jem has a mellow way in her songs and that is why it is my current album of choice :)

I give it 4/5 OSNN stars. A rare album with at least 4 songs that are pretty good :)


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had the Jem album for ages now, its great stuff. Personally I prefer 'They' to '24' but both are good. I'd say there are a damn sight more than 4 decent tracks on that album.

How recently has she come out in the US? I mentioned her on my blog in early march 2005


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Over the past few months, she's become bigger.

I like They quite a bit but the chorus for 24 does it for me :)

I like more than 4 songs myself but there are 4 that stand out, the others are not bad (in my opinion)

Depending on my mood, I like some more than others lol. That number changes round.

Here, we just have the run of the mill garbage all day long. Few decent tracks pop out.


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You might also like some of Imogen Heap (also goes by the name "Frou Frou") she did the credits for Shrek 2 as well as one of the songs on the Narnia soundtrack. Her other stuff is nice as well though.


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Have you guys seen the "Ultra Violet" movie trailer, has 24 by Jem about half way though. Looks like a reasonably decent film as well. A sort of Fifth-Element meets Equilibrium meets Aeon Flux sort of thing.


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Meets Kill Bill :cool:


Btw, if you ever have a chance to look through the lyrics, her interpretation of relationships, both the good and the bad, are awesome.

This is one reason I have fallen in love with the album and gave it such a high review score :cool:

Will be watchin the flick this weekend and have a separate review for that.
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Haven't heard her music, but had planned on watching the movie either tonight or tomarrow night... I'll probably hear some of it during the movie, albeit comments wrt the movie might be better left for the movie thread itself...

Son Goku

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I watched the movie tonight... There were no lyrics in any of the music, but it was, well interesting to say the least...

I can definitely see some semblance to Aeon Flux... Not sure about Fifth Element however, as that seemed quite different. There were also no cosmic balls of darkness (Mr. Shadow) or the like in the plot...

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