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Music Organizer


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I just downloaded and started to use WMP11, I think much has improved. I love how you can see the album art like that now, just I need to get mine lol. I have alot of songs that were organized before, but now inside the library out of place, which means the id3 tags were wrong. Is there a program where I can change all those things?...maybe even get info from the internet?


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Doing a search of the forums you will find hundreds of post on theads on this subject.

So, as a broken record would do, either the godfather or tag&rename are the best one to use ...


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I have been using tag&rename, but within the program there is something I don't understand, there are a bunch highlighted with blue, but I can't touch them? What does blue mean?


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Have a look at this - it is free and excellent.

You can batch rename tracks and you can also get it to look up album tracks on freedb.com - no typing in all the tracks :)


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Where is the download link, the website is different lauguage.

And...I'd still like to use the other program is someone could explain the colors.


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Where is the download link, the website is different lauguage...
luckily I can speak German - so seeing the "DOWNLOAD" link at the top of the page was not too hard! :p :D :p :D

I think I may give that thinger a go - I betcha the buttons and all can be in English (probably a language option on install) - maybe the poster will get back to us...

oh and by the way IF it had been in German it would have said "laden Sie"!

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