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Mushkin support


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So .. my ram has been acting all ****ty lately. Finally i decided to contact support (most experiences with any brand product support usually suck). With previous crap support from Dell, BFG, HP, and others ... i like many of us am reluctant with the headache involved with even bothering.

Anyway i emailed via the website and included all the information they requested ... did what they asked ... and well ... WOW.

They asked me for the receipts (which are kept on record indefinitely at newegg) so i printed them up and faxed them.

1 hour later they call and i ask if i can upgrade to 4 gigs of a different type of their memory .. they say no problem ..i paid the difference ...and its on its way before i even send back the broken ram.

I gotta say im impressed Mushkin :). With support and service like this i would recommend anyone to you. Sure is refreshing to speak with someone that is not only courteous, but honest and easy to understand as well (pointing at Dell, Microsoft, and HP).

So ..2 broken gigs of ram in ... 4 brand new gigs of their ultimate red line ram out. Nice trade id say.

Amazing what a tiny bit of integrity will achieve v. the bottom line profit. Sure it might cost Mushkin a bit right now to keep me happy by honoring their part of the bargain ...but they have EARNED a lifetime customer in the process.

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