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Multiple VCAST questions.


Ok here i go....
1) About 20 min. ago on tv verizon had a vcast commercial, advertising the 3 ways to get music on to thier phones with vcast. the first was was buy it from the phone, second buy from a pc, but the last one confused me....they said from your own music collection. does this mean verizon is going to let me transfer over cds i own to my phone (if it had an mp3 player) (last time i checked verizon was a butt about this kind of thing)

2) Is vcast really worth the $15 bucks per month? (dunno if this helps but i going to get the lg vx9800)

Any help would be great and thanks to all those that posted in my other thread "Cingulair vs. Verizon" it helped me decide to stick with verizon.


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vcast will 15 is too much for that crap, but only good thing it did was give you unlimited internent use without using up ur mins. This is what they told me when i did the free 1 month of it. But i had no use for that crap so cancled it after a week.


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vcast is cool for the videos and music, but why spend the money to dl songs when you can add em yourself. There is the vcast music player that you can add your own WMA files to the phone or an sd card(way better so you save room on your phone) and there is an mp3 player you an activate thats plays mp3's. I like mp3's better, but the vcast music player will read the tags and catagorize by band name, cd, whatever, and you can make playlists...so if you want to get music on your phone go buy a mini sd

and convert your mp3's and keep the tags with mediamonkey. any questiosn just ask...

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