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multiple print monitors?


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Have a user on a G4 with OS X... every time she prints a new instance of Print Monitor opens up with the document in the queue. In addition, the original monitor that was already opened loads the job and runs it through. If Print Monitor is open in the dock and something is printed, a new monitor will open every time. So there could be 5 monitors sitting in the dock, and only the original one actually flushes all jobs out of the queue.

I doubt anyone's experienced this, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if somebody could offer some input. :)


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Yeah I took a look around there, too. I upgraded the machine to 10.3.9 and so far there are no problems. Still, I've never seen this problem discussed anywhere with any version of OS X.

For free, Apple Support was going to email me a document with general printer troubleshooting. This is a bit beyond that though. For the $49 fee they offered to troubleshoot with me over the phone.


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One vague thought does come to mind today about 20 seconds ago.

If you had multiple printers installed on your machine, with no defualt printer set, I wonder if I would try sending the printing document to all printers?

Probably not...

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