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12 Jan 2006
Hey Everyone,
I was wondering, is there something that can divide1 or 2 monitor ports, into 3? Where the mouse can go across all three screens?
I have been wondering for a while, and i cant seem to figure out if the ones i have found allow the screens to act as one, rather than simply replicate the image across the 3.
Any help?
I think your video card has to be able to support it , you can also get a KVM Switch ( KeyboardVideoMouse) Switch basically if you have multiple pcs and only want to use one moniter and one mouse , keyboard dunno if thats gona help tho.... think your trying to extend ..nvm.
Yes, your video card has to have three output heads. The only triple output gpu I know of is the Matrox something or other.

Fortunately for you, Matrox also sells a breakout box for exactly what you want to do.
Thats perfect!
All i have is the 7900gt ko superclocked, only has 2 heads.
Thats what i wanted the box.
Thanks guys!

That Matrox box looks like the solution, now my questions to you all: are there cheaper ones out there? Also Will the set up work with two 19 inch widedscreens and a 17 inch non widescreen in the middle?
I assume not but im hoping, that way I dont have to go buy 3 new monitors.

O or maybe i could get another 17in like my monitor which still costs 216 dollars for some stupid reason, and a widescreen in the middle.
I was hoping for the HannsG 19 inch widescreen but it might be a diff height which would looks stupid.
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sell em all and go with a 24" or greater... :p

Seriously though - would any dual GFX card like crossfire or whatever the other one is called help wit this? I suspect from the four heads therein with the dual cards there's ways to have three outputs spanned... Just do not know this for sure (someone out there will though)
I only have 1 video card though, and only one pci-e 16 slot.
Ok, now i have the multiple monitor plan worked out.
Lets take this in a different direction.
What if i wanted to hook up a 42 inch dlp, or lcd tv to my computer, does anyone know of an lcd or dlp tv or monitor that will look as good as a normal computer monitor. Please exclude the dell monitors, they are a bit to expensive for my liking.
Most high-end LCD's with DVI input will look as good as most high-end PC LCD's.
My friend has a Sharp LCD tv and it looks pretty bad on it.
I also tried it on my JVC 56 INCH HDLA DLP tv and it looked bad.
Maybe i will try it again, but i think it doesnt look good.
Naw man, my friend is pretty well off.
His isnt bargain basement.
Thats why i am confused.
And my tv isnt bargain basement either.
They are both really good tvs, but i dont know why the picture stinks on them.
Me thinks its because the pixels are so big.
My friend has a samsung, and its problem, was that the screen did NOT fit,
it wouldn't be the right size, he has a 50 inch. And no matter how much we tried the computer desktop was cut off on the sides by about an inch
Driver for the video card. Look at some of the "modified" drivers.

There were some previous threads. Sometimes the TV display of a computer output could be improved by using a better quality cable and the right kind of interface, somtimes not.

The TV is optimized for a different number of native pixels than most computer resoltions. For that matter computer displays have the same issue if you are not running at their native resolution. If the TV supports the display mode at all it does it by interpolating the pixel data (guessing what a non native format should look like). Soem guess bettr than others. Also, TVs aren't designed for rapidly changing screens so they get blurring. Computer monitors are currently over driven to produce 8 msecond response times.

You're going to have to try any TV you are considering. Carry a laptop to the store.

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