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Multiple displays


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relevent system info:

Laoptop/notebook computer
win XP (of course ;))
S3 twister/hotkey integrated 16MB AGP card with:
direct link to laptop screen
Monitor output
TV (S-Video I think) output


I want to set up an extended desktop/display (instead of just the same image on two screens) using the laptop screen and the monitor out.

Windows help insists that I need two graphics cards to do this, but I've seen someone set up an extended display with the same type (but older model) of laptop as mine running windows 98, using the laptop screen and the TV out to a projector. He plugged it in, windows asked if he wanted to use it as an extended display, and it worked. He had powerpoint open on the main screen and dragged clippit onto the projector display, to the distress of the class :)

XP either doesn't work the same or my newer gfx card is, annoyingly, unable to support this feature even though it can output to all 3 possible sources at the same time (I've tried it already, just displays my regular desktop but no extension options).

Any or explanation would be cool.

I'm betting this is a limitation of the drivers for your card, I have also seen this done but I believe the card being used was a geforce2go...so not sure how you might go about it, sorry man :(


OSNN Addict
Well that sounds exactly like tiny to slap a second-rate card into a laptop >.< Ta, better knowing that than being in the dark.

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