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6 Jan 2004
I am trying to find a program that will let me have many more things on my clipboard at a time. What I would like is something like this:

To copy something: CTRL + C + NUMPAD 1 (then to copy a second item change the numpad number to store it in one of the 10 numpad slots)

To paste something CTRL + C + NUMPAD 1 (depending on the numpad number it will recall the info that is stored in that number)

Have any of you come across a program like this or do you know of one that you like to use when you do a lot of copying and pasting?

Not exactly what you said, but this program is free, and places icons on the tray.
Each represents the different clipboards contents.

Hope this helps ;)

Download from Free Downloads Center
If you want something more advanced though i'd recomend Clipcache . You can store as many clips as you like and you can also organize them in groups . Very handy .

It's not free though . I've been using this program for 4+ years and i'm very happy with it

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