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Multiplayer Question??


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I've bought this game a few weeks ago, Secret Service:In Harms Way and i was wondering how to play on the multiplayer option?
Do i have to have a LAN connection or something?
Im never played multiplayer before so i have no clue what to do!
When i tried to play it, it didn't show me any server or room available that i could join a game.
Help please!

I don't know if im making sense here but i don't know that much about Pc games.

Electronic Punk

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Check the vendors webpage, I know serveral patches have been released for that game, some may relate to you not being able to connect to an online game.

If you are a little unexperienced tho, I would recommend www.gamespyarcade.com

Gamespy Arcade is a great little app for getting many multiplayer games launched.


OSNN Addict
Thanks a lot u guys!
I going to check on that right know!
I was just thinking how sweet it would be to get a response today and all of a sudden u guys reply hehe!
Thanks a lot!
I had plans on playing tonight and i think i will be calling in work tomorrow heeh!!

Thanks again!

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