multibooting question

hi guys

i'm just curious... i'm a person who loves to explore and i thought of multibooting for testing and comparing different operating systems.

is it possible to multiboot win98SE, winXP pro, and RedHat
Linux 9?

i really need the help.

thanks in advance guys!
Yes, it is possible.
First decide how much space you want to allot to each OS. Create two partitions - one for 98SE and one for XP. Don't create one for RedHat just yet - just make sure you leave enough free space on your partition table to be able to create another new partition.

Then install 98SE as you normally would on the first partition, XP on the second partition. The NT bootloader will overwrite the 98SE one, giving you an option to boot into XP or 98SE at startup.

Once that's done, boot from your RedHat CD, and somewhere during the setup, you should be presented with the option to create new partitions for RedHat. Create the ext3 and swap partitions in the free space that was remaining on your partition table. This time LILO/GRUB (the linux bootloaders) will overwrite the NT bootloader, giving you the option to start 98SE, XP, or Linux when you boot up.

That's about it...good luck with all of it :)
RedHat or Mandrake would suit your purpose well. Go for RedHat 9 at the moment. I personally like it's UI more than Mandrake's

... although Slackware is my fav distro ;)


Hate to bother ya,but do you know what is the max size on avs here?Don see it in my user cp options settings


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For a n00b? Well you could try Debian. At least get a Linux distro that isnt dubbed for *****ed.

Mandrake is also know as Man****, and red hat is also know as red fag. Reason? The avrg sysadmin doesnt like how the entire system works.
Originally posted by X-Istence
The avrg sysadmin doesnt like how the entire system works.
The average sysadmin isn't a noob...

I run RedHat 8 and it works well (just a little PHP bug at the mo).
Originally posted by kitct
Thanks guys, any links to Debian? :)

Jan, the best thing to do would be to give a couple of the major distros a shot, and see which one you personally like the most. Different people look for different features. Some might be looking for ease of use, some might be looking for the best UI, some might be looking for package management and upgradability. It just depends on what you want. After all, they're all linux under the hood. Just give them a shot, and see which one you feel most comfortable with. Don't bother what other people say and think. :)


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Can't beat Mandrake to start off with, the installation procedure is the first thing that you're going to tackle isn't it?
Mandrake has one of the easiest out there :)

Once you've figured Mandrake out, give FreeBSD a shot :D :D

Just kidding, do as NetRyder says and give them all a try, it's just a matter of preference what you use :)


Thanks guyz,I appreciate that. :)

EDIT: OH btw,I like to dual boot 98 an xp.Where would linux fit in there?(tri-boot) :)

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