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Multi network IM progs


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As someone who has many contacts in both MSN & ICQ networks, I tend to use "multi network" proggies such as Trilian or IM2. Used Trilian in the past, but hated its interface, so I moved to IM2 as soon as I heard of it. It's a real nice app, with a simpler interface (has the MSN feel). It's only problem is that it's still a bit buggy. I stick with it for now, as I feel they'll fix its bugs soon enough. What do you think? Do you know any other "multi network" apps like these two? Like to hear your opinions on any of these proggies.


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man.. trillian rocks so hard. i man if you dont like the whole interface just reskin it. Akion 3. is badass. hmm perhaps im spoiled by version 2.
GAIM is quite good as well, though some of its MSN support is a bit silly, its definitely designed for AIM and then had MSN added on afterwards


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Trillian 3 Pro has been out for some time now.

I too didn't like Trillian that much. I preferred the interfaces of the original clients. I hated GAIM. I go back to it once in a while, but it's always missing the features I want. I am now using Trillian 3 Pro and although it's not quite what I want, I have to compromise. I don't want to run clients for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Y!, and Trillian still does the best multi-network job. I actually liked one of the jabber clients, but it was hard finding a jabber server that had the multi-network plugins supported ... so with Trillian I stay.

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