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MUI CACHE Question



I have noticed that the MUI cache (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache) is rather large, with some sensitive information about programs that I don't want to keep.
Somewhere I read that it is possible to have the machine dump this cache on shutdown, but I can't remember where I saw it.
I've created a 300k registry file that modifies 66 different keys and values, (to get rid of the aforementioned programs) but when I reboot, the MUI cache (only partially modified to not reflect those specific programs that I don't want in the registry,) is still reflecting the keys and values that I don't want...
The keys and values that I'm trying to remove are from programs that are NOT on this computer...rather, I use these files from a CD, for a short time, then, when finished, instead of manually erasing any trace in the registry, (66 values/keys,) I double-click the 300k registry file I created to get rid of them...works like a charm!!! -- Except for the MUI Caches!!!
I realize that every time I run these programs, they sink their hooks into the registry...I've traced them...the problem is trying to get rid of all these values/keys after I'm done with the programs.
CAN THE MUI CACHES BE DELETED SAFELY from within my file when ran???
-- Since they are the ONLY places that won't accept my file's registry changes...I'd like to just dump them if possible.

Dirk Diggler

Yes you can delete the MUICache with no problems, as long as you have a copy that can replace it straight away.
To delete the MUICache without going into the registry, just copy and paste this into Notepad and call it
-----------copy and Paste between the lines----------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
---------------------end Copy and Paste-----------------------

Have a copy of the good MUICache made before installing the programs you don't want in there. Then after you double-click the MUICacheGone.reg file, just double-click the good reg file.

All will be hunky-dory


Thank you, Dirk!!
I should have thought a little more about it...guess tweaking when you're tired isn't recommended!!!

Thanks again!!

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