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MSPaint toolbox vanished


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
For whatever reason I found myself in need of the paint toolbox recently - and it has gone and cannot be readily restored!

Any ideas?

I've done CTRL T and it toggles the checkbox - but the tools are not there!
The text toolbox check is also greyed out, but that probably makes sense.

This is under VISTA business which was upgraded from XP Pro, if that has any bearing - I googled to only find the idiots solutions and a wiki that tells me it should be there, too frustrated at the time I have lost to search on forum so just posting for future ref (going to live without that fill or install PSP/gimp next time I have such needs!)

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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I just launched mine and have no problem following the proceedure you just suggested

maybe there are restrictions set, can you run mspaint as adminsitrator?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
just logged in as administrator and it came back - what's that about? Bloody annoying though because I don't use administrator by default - so I'll look into that paint.net thinger, always happy to use non M$ stuff anyway ;)

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