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MSN6 Signing in and out problems


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before i restarted my pc after a windows update, I didnt sign out of msn6.
so when i loged back in it said i had been signed out because i was signed in at a nother loacation,

now did i get that message because msns cache of my login was still active or is there some thing else i need to look into,

pc is virus free and i run a firewall...


I have exacatly the same problem.

Only difference is I updated first then installed it

I had Trillian installed tho but that no longer signs into MSN at all
You're still not able to sign in? I know that when my contacts go offline without officially signing off, they continue to appear on my list for a while and then drop off after a couple minutes.
do you still have Windows Messenger running? Its possible that MSN6 is connecting, but Windows Messenger is also connecting. MSN6 fails as Windows Messenger connects successfully.

Or, like you said... its the cache (although I've never had that problem before).

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