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We did not deserve this !
Sorry to add to the confusion, but if this is the final version of Messenger 4.7 (which I just DLed and installed) and if this is the version included in the upcoming SP1 for XP, then, what should we think of all the 5.x versions that leaked ?
Some site messing a lot with Messenger once wrote (I cannot find the page anymore, sorry !) that 5.x leaked version were very good fake ones...
Any comment on this ?

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Messenger 5 is being developed seperately as it will contain different features and is prob wirtten in XML as MS seem to dig that atm..

4.7 prob contains the latest security patches and prevents the latest exploits.

MEssenger 5 will be released officially when it is ready.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
MSN (Explorer) 7.x is a stand alone browser...
Windows Messenger 4.7.0101 final
MSN Messenger 5.x still beta

As for you question, no one knows yet I guess...


id like MSN messeneger 5 would be availble on on OS'.... althought 4.7 is avail for xp...

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