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For no apparent reason yesterday... I was added to a chatroom of about 10 users. Of which i only knew one of the people (on my contact list). The rest were as confused as I was...

Has this happened to anyone?

I have a few friends that mentionned going to assume this is a bug.



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I take it your talking about msn messenger? Its not a bug, just some annoying people who think its fun to invite loads of people into a convo, just to get the biggest convo ever, or so they believe.

the contact you knew in the convo, was probably invited by one of his/her contacts, andsome fool who started it, says "lets have the biggest convo ever, invite all your contacts" so your friend proably invited you. Talkw ith him/her, ask them no to do it again.

its happened to me a couple of times, ive permantly blocked the person that invited me as they are a waste of space!


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Bman™ said:
or do u mean u already asked and everybody was some how just added together but nobody?

No one had a clue why or how we ended up in the same room. the only person in the chat window i knew was away from his computer as was i.

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