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MSN Problemo



Ok...I installed the new Messenger 5.0 and I removed the Old 4.6 using the command You guys told me about(thanks by the way) but now when i try to log onto MSN Explorer it gives me a message that says MSN Messenger Service is not installed on this machine. It is a critical part of MSN Explorer and must be repaired before you can use MSN Explorer again. We'd like to repair it for you now.
You shouldn't remove Windows Messenger even after you installed MSN Messenger 5. Why?

This is from the Microsoft site:
Windows XP comes with Windows Messenger, which remains available even after MSN Messenger 5.0 is installed on your computer.
Only Windows Messenger can connect to the Communications Service and Exchange Instant Messaging, which are only used in corporations.
Some programs, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Remote Assistance, connect to Windows Messenger by default. When you are signed in to MSN Messenger, you may appear offline to people who connect to these programs and have you listed as a contact.

You can reinstall Windows Messenger by downloading it from http://messenger.msn.com


Ok thanks....but the only thing is when im on 5.0 and i log onto explorer it logs me outta 5.0 and its real annoyin...i guess i just gotta deal
That means you don't really need MSN Messenger 5.0

It offers you no additional features over Windows Messenger UNLESS you have paid for an MSN subscription (for example "Browse the web together" etc.)

I would suggest uninstalling MSN Messenger 5. Continue using Windows Messenger for the moment.


ok thanks i think thats what im gonna do..I really don't use messenger too much anyway...are there any difference between the versions in regards to using the camera to talk. Because thats why i wanted to try 5.0 i was having trouble using my web cam with 4.6


actually i just tryed it out and i'm having the same problem with 5.0 ...it works fine across my network but for some reason i can't get it to work from here to my friends house. I'm running Blackice and i'm not sure if this may be the cause of the problem. any ideas on somethin i could try


I had and unistalled 5.0. There was one advantage that I found. 5.0 allowed me to app share overseas from North America while the old one didn't. I uninstalled because after putting the shortcut to 5.0 on my desktop,every time I clicked it, it went through the whole install routine. No matter what shortcut icon I created or dragged and dropped from the programs list.



Hi To You All,
many thanks for whats been said about having the two messengers. I had this with the two of them fighting for attention. I thought MSN 5 was giving something extra;)
After your good advice I've taken it off and things are back to normal.:)
Thanks Again,

XP Abuser

well guys if your a popular person and you need more contacts (above the 150 limit) just install 5.0 and open up a new hotmail account then sign in to the new .net passport but if you set 1 as your default both will try to sign in to the same passport the only way to get round this is to sign in manually by using the sign in not sign into ********@hotmail.com then select the hotmail address then type password and your signed in with the added benefit of 2 email addresses and 300 contacts able to see your online i think this is a class thing and i know sum people are trying to get more contacts enjoy!
i cant even send files or start voice convosations on my MSN Messenger :(... i dunno whats up with my MSN.. I know its not the program itself because ive reformatted and its still the same :(

XP Abuser

yeh it looks quite fine. Your prob alex sure it aint your firewall blocking the features of msn
nope ive checked that too.. i turned off my XP firewall and still no luck (i dont have any others).. i got broadband.. i dont supose that could be the problem could it?

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