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MSN Privacy LOL what else is new


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I had my suspicions all along that, that's what was going on... Seemed funny that my buddy list would show up on some web pages... I figured it was a plug-in but was surprised that I couldn't find it when I looked at my installed active x and browser plug-in’s VIA Norton clean sweep.... I like privacy but in this day and age, I think it’s about as impossible as finding the final equation to Pie... LOL yes I am another cynic…



it wont be long before this gets exploited by websites and email lists get sold to SPAM mail companies



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I allways had a bad feeling about msn messenger now i know what the problems are
what are they going to do about it? looks like its time to uninstall it, hhahah, I cant see Micro$hite fixing the problem.


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Yeha its about time they did some thign about it
but how soon will it be tho.. ???

btw how do i make my profile change from XP home to some thing else like Linux ?


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Quote : Microsoft Network have said no customers have fallen prey to the potential privacy problem.

Thats total cr*p, this site http://www.mess.be/
takes agvantage of this Bug, so microshaft dont know what they are talking about.


Exactly Surge .........

Once these guys posted about this it last wednesday i thought we would hear more about it

And sure enough Cnet and Zdnet are jumping on the bandwagon



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Yeah when i first went to that site i have poasted about, i did wounder why it was showing my on line contacts but that was about a mounth ago.

cant wate to here what mr Geeks has to say about it all
he will proberly say " dont wory we have a new O/s that will fix that problem " lolol

i could understand if that messenger site was a .NET site
and had my buddys shown on it,

looks like we will just have to wate and see, :D

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