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MSN Plus! update


High On Life!
yup he told me on msn, heres the change log, BTW if u click on about on plus and say check for updates it says there isnt when there really is, hopefully they will fix that soon

3.21.104 Version - 10/10/2004

* The Floating Contacts feature seems to be pretty popular so it got improved
o You can now drag&drop all sorts of things on the floating windows. Text and internet links are sent in messages, files (only one at a time) trigger a file transfer with your contact. Drag&drop even works when your contacts are offline! You can also press the Ctrl key during the operation so that the message/file doesn't get sent automatically.
o The windows disappear properly every time you sign-out.
o The windows are not listed in the Windows Task Manager anymore.
o The Always On Top setting is never deactivated automatically for strange reasons.
o No more display problems with tooltips, small improvements in docking.
o There is now a new Display Setting option that lets you lock the size and position of the window (so that you don't move it be accident).
o Many options can now be configured for each individual window using registry settings (or Plus! Tweak), including background and text color, transparency level, display by email and hide when offline.
o Position and settings of each window are properly saved when the computer is restarted.
o This feature does not reset anymore when you reinstall Messenger Plus!.
o If a floating window is not visible on screen when it is first displayed, its position is reset.
* A new preferences panel has been added in the Contact List section and concerns the Floating Contacts feature:
o Quickly enable or disable floating windows for each of your contacts.
o Set an option to see your contact's emails instead of your contact's names.
o Set an option to automatically hide the floating window when your contacts are offline or when they are not online.
* Many lists displayed in many windows of Messenger Plus! now support tooltips. If an item text is too long to be displayed, a tooltip will be shown with the full text of the item (contact name, event, ...). It's a small modification but I'm sure that all of you will appreciate this UI improvement.
* Group names are parsed more intelligently in commands such as /blockgrp.
* The contact helper window closes automatically even when an unknown email is typed (when recognized).
* Messenger Plus! now detects when you sign-out due to an internet connection problem.
* Sign-in/sign-out Sounds you assign to groups are not lost anymore when you reinstall Messenger Plus!.
* The Plus! menu is now accessible from Messenger 7 (beta). For now, it just displays the compatibility info window, no Plus! feature will work with Messenger 7 in this version. You can expect a fully compatible version to be released sometime in November (along with some surprises :).
* New versions of the sponsor agreement window are being tested with this version. The final changes will be released in version 3.25, in about a week from now.
* The Greek translation is back.
oh yea right i didn't read the log yet it's compatible with msn 7 that's good news last time i installed msn 7 i couldn't install plus and i had problems reinstalling 6


High On Life!
just noticed in the installer now where the sponser ad thing, they have included a picture of the search bar, because many people think they are agreeing to a EULA or lisence agreement
lol yea good thing they did that coz i fell for it in august and i was stuck with that toolbar and webpage at the end i was told that it's from msn plus

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