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Msn Plus Problem


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I'm not sure how long this has been happening, but I have been using Msn Plus for about 1 year now. Just lately, I have been noticed a problem while using Msn Messenger. For the ones who do not know, you can use Msn Plus to remove that Ad thing at the bottom. Well, lately mine has been showing up, it kinda goes on and off when it feels.
I was wondering what is wrong with it, I have the lastest version of Plus. What is making it do that??



Dabba Dooba
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Have u downloaded any new versions of MSN? Could just be a newer msn and plus is having some conflics with it. Also u could always go the MSN plus's forum on there site.


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Oh yea, forgot about their forums. I'll go check that out, and come back and let you peeps know!


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Well, from what I have read over at Msn Plus. There has been a confliction between Msn Plus and SP2. It has been fixed, and is getting released mid september.


as stated before this is an issue that arose from SP2. I am having the same problem. /me likey MSN Plus !!! :D

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Messenger Plus! 3.20 : 09/19/2004

Patchou finally decided to issue Msn Plus 3.20 and not 3.10 as previously scheduled (source at http://www.msgplus.net/news.php )

Messenger Plus! 3.20 is on its way! - 14/09/2004

After 3 months of waiting, a new version of Messenger Plus! is finally going to be released. As I explained in my last news, I've been very busy during the summer and I wanted to make sure that the new release was worth the wait. Messenger Plus! 3.20 will officially be released Sunday, 19th of September and will contain various improvements you won't want to miss. Here is a quick overview of what's waiting for you in this new version:
  • Contacts on Desktop - you can now move your favorite contacts on your desktop and keep your big contact list window closed for good. A lot of configuration option is available and most features of Messenger Plus! can be accessed directly at the click of a button.
  • Command Helpers - the command browser, as well as the contact browser, have been improved and are now much more useful than it ever was. The helper windows stay displayed while you type the beginning of commands/names/emails and suggest the closest match for selection. Those of you who use plugins will mostly appreciate this improvement.
  • Plugin API - more and more plugins are being developed for Messenger Plus! every month, that's why the API has been improved. New samples and a new SetNewName() function are waiting for you. The online database will also be updated very soon.
  • Full compatibility with Windows Messenger 4.7.3000 (distributed with Windows XP SP2)
  • Various improvements based on popular requests such as the ability to chose what request to auto-accept and the display of tooltips in the event viewer.
  • Many bug fixes, covering (but not limited to) often reported issues such as for the banner-removal feature or the logging encryption option.
I still focus my efforts on maintaining a solid product as well as improving existing features and developing new ones that will suit your daily needs. Messenger Plus! is not bloated with useless options or features and it will never be. Everything it includes comes from requests you're giving every day on forums and newsgroups. This week, my user count has passed the 6 million barrier, thank you so much for continuing to support my product and proving that my efforts are well worth the trouble :).

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