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MSN - people advertising through IM


XP Abuser

hi all i had this prob a couple of times

people just type instant messages in msn to me (and no they are not the network popup messages)

these are actually convosations i select allow contact to see my status but they dont appear on my contact list

and i dont know them from adam

is this another way of spamming ppl cuz ive never heard of this before and it hasnt been mentioned anywhere i know of... anyone else experienceing this prob:mad:

XP Abuser

theyll be breaking into my house and fly posting my living room soon......b**tards:mad:


NTFS Stoner
open msn, on the main msn window, click tools/options & tab over to privacy

then u will see all the blocked and allowed name lists.

at the top of the allowed names list you will see a bold user called 'all other users', highlight it and click the block button to move anyone not on your list to an automatic block list. this stops all the unwanted msn messages. :)


I have this happen to me quite often on ICQ, which is a big reason why I never use it. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, I usually try to not give out my msn/hotmail account name anyplace online. (If I do it's usually a junk account that I use for that specific purpose.) If I get a person that want's to see my online status, I'll refuse unless I know who they are.


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by default msn will allow anyone to use the send instant message / other.. command to talk to anyone not on there list, until you move the 'all other users' to the block list they can pop up when they want without asking to be on your list, PM me your msn and i will show you how easy it is lol

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ok cheers mate i did see that option today while trying to sort this out ill go and block them cheerz:)


i have the same problem in icq but i can see the user name in icq so i just add them to my ignore list.


NTFS Stoner
Originally posted by XP Abuser
i select allow contact to see my status but they dont appear on my contact list
your not ticking add to contact list, or your up to your 150 limit with msn. anyway, those you added and didnt show up will be in the privacy list under allow, just click block on them if you dont want them, if you do want to see there online status then right click and properties from there name, get there hotmail addy and add them to your buddy list, it wont ask permission from them as they already said yes by adding you in the 1st place, then you will see them sign in. :cool:

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