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MSN Messenger



Is ther anyway to get messenger not to load everytime I run IE or Outlook Express? It is frustrating. Then, everytime it runs it puts itself back in the startup group. I have removed from ther at least 50 times. I do not use MSN Messenger, so why do we have to put up with it?
Just saw you had XP Home and I don't think you get gpedit.mcs.

go to www.activewin.com and then click on windows XP left hand side of page, then tips and tricks, they have a hack to stop messenger loading

Have you checked this site, it seems to be the best XP resource I have seen in a long time.
outlook should have a option that you can uncheck labeled enable instant messaging from outlook.

that should stop it from loading when outlook is opened., or you can go the reg hacking route and uninstall messenger altogether :)



Neither did I actually. No big deal. Funny how you can be a PC tech, use a program for years, then be temporarily befuddled by a new verion. Anyway, the regedit fix mentioned in the link above does indeed work, but if you are using Outlook Express, be prepared for a much longer load time. I guess it is searching for MSN Messenger. It does load, but takes a bit longer. I deleted the key I entered just because of that. I just installed Office XP. I here Outlook will disable that, but I haven't looked yet.

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