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MSN messenger +webcam


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Hey !
I got a new webcam from Samsung that is supposed to be good.
I tryed to use it with the latest msn 7.0 beta but the webcam doesn't work but then I install 6.2 and it works.

Now, my friend has a really simple webcam... and mine is supposed to be better, but i see all his movements.. smooth.. and he can see mine stuck. and i see mine stuck too..

where can i change the settings or ... something ?


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Quick answer is to reduce the resolution settings of your webcam. If your bandwidth is not fast enough and you're trying to send a stream at a resolution that is higher, it's gonna be choppy...

Most high-end cams have a res of 640x480 by default (like mine...), and if I want people to see it more fluently, I have to change it to the lower setting even though I'm on Videotron Extreme which gives me around 850kbps of upload speed (105Kb/sec).

Just check at the settings in the control panel, you probably have something for your webcam in there... otherwise it's probably in the Start/Programs menu. Try to tweak the settings to lower the quality and see if that works.

If you want more help with that, take screenshots of the cam's control panels and psate them in here, I'll figure out what to tweak for you.
yeah u can use msn or even the actual samsung software to change the rez. i would probably change it to 320x240 or maybe even lower, depending if u have broadband or dialup

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