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Msn Messenger Message


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You all know that "music message" or personal message on the new msn's. Well I was wondering if there is away to get rid of that. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find an answer...



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Yes that's what I meant, are you really really sure lol I have plus and have always liked it cause it remove peoples names and have it nice and clean right, this crap comes out and the contact list window is all messy again.

There's got to be some way to do it...

**lol I'm not that slow, I got some skills in programs and such, a thankya lol**


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Political User
O.k I don't think you can do that .. Unless there is a setting somewhere that I missed. What you could also try and make the contact list window smaller. You will notice that when you do that there messages will compact, and eventually go away ..


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I just patched it, and now my skins dosent work??? I was using the Shiro skin.....any ideas, how to get it to work, i uninstalled the patch and skin and redid it and still cant use skin??

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