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MSN Messenger latest beta build?



Yep it got leaked, yep it's mustard, I like it now it's on some of the better known
download sites, want a try?

It's a secret so don't tell anyone else!

Some features:

Winks: Winks allow you to send kisses, hearts and all sorts of silly cartoons to your contacts.​

Nudge: Nudge allows you to send a "shake" to your contact. Both your own and your contacts MSN Messenger window will shake, much like how Internet Explorer windows shake using the correct javascript.

Download packs: Download packs will allow users to grab winks/emoticons/display pictures and backgrounds straight from MSN. As these currently don't work we were unable to test them.

Games: Chess Club, Bankshot Billiards Club are included if you're a Instant Games Clubhouse member. Standard Checkers/Solitaire Showdown/Bejeweled/Minesweeper Flags and Tic Tac Toe are still included.

Activities: Activities allow you to share files, calendars, photos and perform tasks such as remote assistance.

Deluxe Display Pictures: Although these are unavailable it seems like MSN are going to supply animated display pictures.

Enabling the personal message to tell contacts what you are listening to currently (tick the option) will change your personal message to reflect the current mp3 you are listening to. Interestingly, when tested with a music video file in the current playlist the personal message is blanked out while the video file is being played. MP3 files listed in the playlist following the video file will continue to update the personal message.

You now have the option in your conversation windows to click on a link to bluemountain to search for new backgrounds and emoticons. This seems to be something of a coup on bluemountain's part as it is sure to generate a lot of additional traffic to their site. Additionally, there is an option in the conversation windows to type in an item to search for. Clicking on search heads to msn's search portal and returns the results to the person you are conversing with.

What's New in This Release:

· Winks from 7.0.632 can only be sent to another build 7.0.632. The leaked build (7.0.604) and the public beta (7.0.425) cannot receive winks from the latest BETA (this will be fixed in the refresh). Issues may be experienced with Winks if the installed version of Macromedia Flash is not up to date.
· New MSN Mobile features such as sending a text message to a contact from your mobile phone or Offline Messaging will not be immediately available.
· The MSN Messenger BETA build will not be added to major firewall provider safelists and may cause firewall software to display a security error.
· Full-screen Video Conversations may crash on Windows 98.
· Installation of the BETA version on Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.
· It is recommended that Windows 98 and Windows ME users upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0 before running the new BETA.
· Some international character sets or “Double Byte Character Sets” may overlap or cause the font and/or font size to change.
· The “Customer Experience Improvement Program” menu item under Help may be inactive. To get around this, please click on Tools > Options > General.
· When signing in as anything but “Online”, the ad in the main window is not clickable.


TittleBitties said:
Thanks...i membering reading it yesterday but didnt bother looking for a download link.
I got it yesterday, was being begged by people for it, asked his majesty this morning if to post it, thought better not, but, I saw it on a few download sites, not personal web pages and thought, 'what the heck', M$ love their apps being leaked, so they get more feedback.

First time I have tried version 7, the winks are so lame! :D


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Yeah i have the build before this one and i like it. Lil flaws that dont bug me but all in all its great.
The last build was rather buggy. I'll have to see if this one is any better. I welcome the personal message feature and the media player integration...good stuff. Not too excited about winks and nudges though...thankfully, nobody on my contact list uses them.

The media player integration works only with WMP by default, but there are third-party plugins that allow you to use Winamp and Foobar as well:


Walkabout Specialist
I had it and once I tried to send an E-mail, error report was raised and Messenger was binned. I am now back with 6.2 and no problems.

In future I shall stick to my golden rule and ignore Betas and my teenage daughters will have to grin and bear it. :)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I can't remember who told me and therefore can't remember if I am supposed to say, but Messenger 8 will be released before the end of the year aswell.
Electronic Punk said:
I can't remember who told me and therefore can't remember if I am supposed to say, but Messenger 8 will be released before the end of the year aswell.
Good to know. :)

MSNM is still my favorite IM client (with Skype catching up very fast), but there's always room for improvement. My wishlist for v8:

1) Respect the user's default browser setting. Forcing the email link to open in IE is not cool...not cool at all.
2) True offline messaging (as in ICQ) - if you send a message to an offline contact, the message should be delivered to him/her when he/she signs on.
3) Improve voice and video quality - Skype beats MSNM hands down on voice. I haven't seen better video quality than MSNM with any other IM client on Windows, but it can certainly get better.
4) Do something uniquely innovative with the .NET alerts feature. It's already a very cool system. I was talking to my brother this morning, and he was telling me how he can receive alerts every time other members of their Halo 2 clan sign onto Xbox Live. That's slick. Extend it further with stuff like alerts for RSS subscriptions. Do things that no other IM client does.

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