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msn messenger freezing and unfreezing


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i turned on my pc today and everything worked fine. i turned it off, went out and came back in the afternoon. when i turned it on, and ran msn, it looked like everything was running as it normally does, however, when i messaged my gf, the message window froze, so i moved my mouse cursor, and the cursor went "under" the window.
i did some tinkering with this little glitch, and discovered that it freezes everytime i send a message. as soon as i hit the enter key, it happens, and the mouse goes under the window. this wasnt happening this morning, nor yesterday for that matter....
anyone heard of a solution for this?
i tried uninstalling and reinstalling msn, but it didnt solve it....



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ok...i unno if this will help but here u go Linkypoo

I also have the link of a forum where i got the above link from. People where talkin kinda of the same problem u r havin... here

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