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Hello I am running XP, ever since I installled my DSL I could never send files or converse, but I can still text chat. I've downloaded the latest version 4.6 with add-ins, etc. The message I get when trying to send files is pertaining to being Blocked and speak with at Admin. I've disabled all firewalls and can not think of anything else. Does anyone have clues?
Your not on a network ?

Are you sure its your machine and not your friends ?

Is the XP firewall turned off ?
I do have the same problem. Have tryed almost every combination but the problem still remains:mad:

Also have the latest version and so on.

Have heard a roumor going around but I think it sound strange:

"It´s the provider of the DSL service that´s blocking that kind of traffic"

Sounds very strange, I am running KaZaA and it works fine so whats the difference?
I have the same problem but I think it is because of the router you use to access the internet. Some have built-in firewalls so...:(
Thanks for your reply! I am running no router, just external DSL ethernet Modem to my machine. No Network, all firewall are disabled. I believe it has something to do with my ISP, because it was working fine with my dial-up. The only thing I can do in MSN Messenger is text chat, that's it!.

Thanks again
I think it may be the ISP blocking the traffic...I hope not...

I or my friends are always getting this problem, in are case one of us has either had the xp firewall still running or something like norton, just couris does msn ask to send the file when a firewall is present if it doesn't check that you have allowed it to act as a sever. On one occasion when i disabled zone alarm pro msn would not send files but when zone alarm was reacivated it send the files. Well hope this is of some, and the ISP thing sounds wrong since msn should communicate like all other programs that use the internet just on a different port, i could be wrong though.

There is nothing wrong with your MSN Messenger or your DSL connection, the problem is that you're probably either behind a router or using some kind of internet connection sharing that uses NAT technology to share one single internet IP address between more than one computer.

This is a very common issue and is related to NAT (network address translation). When you're behind the router, your computer doesnt have a WAN IP address, the router is the only externally recognized device in your network, each of your computers only have a LAN IP and the router makes the address translation to each of the internal IPs. This means that you can't do anything that would require your computer to act as any kind of server on the internet, because that would require it to have an external IP address. Things such as sending files, making netmeeting calls, hosting game servers, just for some examples, wont be possible.

Some modern routers feature DMZ hosting, which is an option to get around this limitation. This basically opens up one of the computers on your network (only one computer can be on the DMZ at the same time) to the outside, however this also means that the computer wont be protected by the firewall features of the router. The computer on the DMZ will be exposed on the internet as if you didnt have a router at all and just connected the DSL modem directly to the computer. So if your router has a DMZ feature and you choose to enable it on one of your computers, you should make sure you have a software firewall installed on that computer.

Hope this helped.
I am not behind a router, just ethernet modem to pc. This is the only stand -alone pc connected to DSL. I am not sharing the internet connection with no one. I am not familiar with DMZ, but when I use dial-up thru another ISP I don't this trouble, and also when I used Cable Modem before as well. HMMM!
Transferring files with MSN Messenger requires that both the sender and receiver not be behind a firewall. Have you tried sending or receiving files with more than one person on your contact list? If you cant send or receive from anyone on your list that would indicate that the problem is on your end, especially if the other people dont have problems sending or receiving with anyone other than you. It is possible that your ISP is also blocking ports that Messenger uses for file transfers or is using a proxy server that is preventing the transfers.

You can also try using ICQ and Yahoo Messenger to see if you are able to send or receive files using either of those programs.
All my other contacts are able to send and receive without any problems. I know its on my end. I do beleive its my ISP, but Bellsouth denies blocking any ports. Like I mentioned above, I have made sure to disable all Firewalls on both ends and no dice!
I can switch to other options, but I would really like to figured out the problem one day. I will use Paltalk for now its always been a program I've used for along time, MSN is more convienent and also standard.

thanks again
i too have this problem and i thought maybe i could use a peer to peer ftp program. but it seems like it is running into the same problem because I have a LAN IP

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