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Msn Messenger 7.0 Final


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I was wondering if anybody knew a date that this will be final, I am getting sick of dum crap with the Beta. I know it can't be an exact date, but has there been one annonced or anything.


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hmm let me think....first off, when I try to open a convo, i have to right click instead of double click, umm half my msn plus features arent working, things like that.


Dabba Dooba
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Bman™ said:
hmm let me think....first off, when I try to open a convo, i have to right click instead of double click, umm half my msn plus features arent working, things like that.

I dont have a problem with dobule clicking for a convo. What version do u have?


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i made the mistake of installing the latest leaked version.
sooo many bugs.

msn 7 is pretty good though. i've noticed a lot of the dmsn features are included now. i guess microsoft is trying to limit 3rd party services, by offering a more complete product.

one feature i'd like to see...an ignore function. blocking is too harsh, especially with msngeeks.com becoming more popular. Id much rather have the choice to ignore a user...eg. when the user logs in i dont have to see their nickname popup.

i've never used trillian but i think i heard that it supports such a feature.

American Zombie

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I just use the ones that come with XP which are Windows Messenger (current version is 4.7.3001) and Netmeeting.

MSN messenger has to much baggage with it in my opinion.
7.0.0425 should work fine. That's the public beta issued by MS. If you installed that latest leaked build with the personalized messages and WMP10 support, there are some known bugs. I'm staying away from that one for now.


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7.0.0425 is the one I have......but umm thats not the main point. So does anybody know when it should be final....or has nothing been said.


This is like a child, a Xmas Tree, presents and December 25th.

Just wait, the latest build is warez if you're not a beta tester, just wait, dam beta is for a reason as it's not a stable release.


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I get a 100% processor load for about 20 secs when doubleclicking for conversation.
And the window opens after the load has dropped. No unusual proc load when right-click...

Apart from that I like it.

Using build 7.0.0425


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TittleBitties said:
What bugs does it have? I have the newest build and i like this one the best. I dont see anything bad or anything.
when users go offline, it doesnt give any indication within a conversation window.

the vcard things dont do away when you click away (i liked that in the public beta).

also, if you hover over a name on your contact list, you dont see their email address. so of course, people being ridiculous and thinking having mile long msn names is cool, become impossible to identify quickly and easily.

i took it out and reinstalled the public beta again.


Dabba Dooba
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O...just lil stuff. I did notice the email thing tho which kinda bugs me but o well. Beta's arent suppose to be top notch anyway. Cant wait till it goes final. I remember waiting for 6.2 to go final and this blows 6.2 out of the water.

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