MSN Messenger 6 Plus???

Hmm. Too bad. They will find a workaround for it, I am sure :D. But the most important feature I used to use in Plus is already baked into MSN6: Chat Logs :D.
The strangest thing just happened, I instaled MSN6 on my school computer (Win2k server) and MSN5 and Plus were already installed. I shutdown MSN5 before I installed MSN6 and the installation went fine. I was amazed to find out that the MSN banner was gone, and that MSN Plus! just worked. I think the reason for it not to work while at home, is that I didn't shutdown MSN5 when installing MSN6. I think that's the reason Plus fux0red up.

Hope this helps anyone.


I'm having trouble getting the "Launch site" to work. I tried changing my MSN profile to US-NY but whenever I click on the button it says "No application information available". One of my friends can use it fine, but he doesn't use a hotmail address. Anyone else having this problem?
read the same trick and the status of your passport will take some time to be changed to the new location. so just wait a day and see if it works.

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where do you download msn 6 from ???