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MSN Messenger 6.2 is out.



But be carefull this newest version is not compatible with the latest

messenger plus, in 3 weeks messenger plus 3 comes out so people who

use also messenger plus better wait two or three weeks.



Generally Random
A couple of cosmetic changes, every contacts' status is displayed next to them whether they are away or not. Contacts with "Mobile" information are displayed yellow instead of green.

Apart from that, I really can't see much thats different.
but the new messenger plus that comes out in two three weeks have some nice new features like support for animated display pictures and it shows all your emoticons, also your custom emoticons :) and much more !


Generally Random
OOH I noticed something else...the input box automatically parses emoticon shortcuts like : ) into an emote.

To re-iterate, msgplus is tripe ;) It's a nice program, but when I installed it, it put so much spyware on my machine that I had to roll XP back to the restore point before I installed it!
thats your own fault, messenger plus contains no spyware if you install it the right way, when you install it you have to deselect the option install the sponsor, so NOT install the sponsor and you have no spyware at all :) !
I love messenger plus and use it for few years now and never gave me any problems.
well prodj88 you can uninstall it and if you like i have the older version for you so you can use messenger plus again till the new messenger plus 3 comes out in few weeks

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Hmm, dont like that groupin of online mobile contacts, and I cant turn it off. grr...

Why do that just assume Id want it this way, it should be an option! I think Im gonna go back to 6.1 for now.

Also, Ive emailed them bout this b4, why or why cant they make it possible to rename the contacts? I kno msn plus can do this but why cant they just add it. Geez!


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Microsoft To Bundle MSN Toolbar With IM Client
April 23, 2004 (1:20 p.m. EST)
TechWeb News

Microsoft is getting ready to release an update to MSN Messenger that will integrate the MSN Toolbar with the instant messaging client.
MSN Messenger 6.2, which is now shooting for a Monday release, offers users the option of installing the Toolbar. MSN Toolbar tucks into Internet Explorer, and offers shortcuts to MSN Web sites, blocks pop-ups, and provides access to MSN's search engine.

Google, Amazon.com, and Yahoo offer similar toolbars that integrate with IE.

The default setting during MSN Messenger installation is to install the toolbar, but clear a checkbox in the first screen to reject the toolbar.

For U.S. users of MSN Messenger, Microsoft will also roll out a new gaming service dubbed “MSN Instant Games” that includes four new by-subscription games -- Chess, Wheel of Fortune, Billiards, and Upwords -- that cost between $9.99 and $14.99 per year each.


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