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MSN in autodrive?



I'm running XP Pro which I just reinstalled on a brand spanking new HD after a fatal crash on my old HD. I'm connecting to the internet using MSN Explorer (MSN is my provider) via dial-up. Initially, I ran the MSN that installed with XP automatically and there were no problems for a couple days, but about 3 days ago, I launched a program and voila, MSN decided it wanted to come out and play too. I thought it was a fluke so just closed MSN and continued on. Next day, wife launches a game (Harry Potter) and, look at that, MSN wants to play too. I try and image what service I may have disabled that would cause this, but don't think it's that. I called MSN tech support for an answer and while I'm sitting there looking at my computer, for absolutely no reason (didn't launch any program) MSN must have sensed I was talking to it's maker and decided to show up yet again. They had me remove/reinstall it through Add/Remove Windows components. 10 minutes after hanging up with tech support it did it again. Called back the next day (yesterday actually) and they tell me to uninstall it and download the version that's online (did that) and at least for the rest of the evening, it appeared to work. Low and behold, this morning, I'm checking my printer properties (because that too is doing strange things) and MSN launched all by itself once again. I didn't have this problem with MSN before I installed it on this new harddrive (though the HD can't possibly be the cause).
I've disabled some services and done a few registry tweaks (memory type things) which I can list if needed. Since MSN is telling me all that is left is to contact the computer manufacturer I'm having to ask all you good people because I'm the computer manufacturer. Thanks for any assistance.

DFI AK-74EC MB AMD Athlon 900 mhz
512 Meg RAM
40 Gig WD 7200 ATA 100 HD
4 Gig Quantum Bigfoot HD (Backup)
Hercule's Prophet 4500 64 Meg AGP Video
Hercule's Muse XL Sound


The saga continues

I've now been through 2 reinstalls of MSN (one from the XP CD and the other downloaded from the Internet) and a reinstall of IE6 off the XP CD and and installation of a patch from Microsoft for IE6 and am still experiencing this problem. Under Internet Options, the choice to "never dial a connection" is checked on the connections tab which is what MSN is telling me is the only thing controlling this self launching problem. Please, please someone out there have any ideas?


Prodigal Son
This is an odd one. I don't have an answer for you. A question though. Why do you use MSN Explorer? I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I just think that if I was having this problem, I would just uninstall and leave it that way. Hopefully someone will have an answer for you soon.



I've been thinking about doing that and just running IE6 instead. What's perplexing me is that it's doing it out of the blue. I was using MSN before the new HD without this problem so the question is, what the heck is different this time.


me too

Man, I have the same or similar problem. I run a dialer program that gets me to the internet, no ISP to speak of and I am running IE 6. every once in a while MSN messanger will just dial up my connection and try to connect, I do not use saved passwords and neither should you, but anyway I get an error saying that gateway.messanger.msn or something can not connect because my user name or password is incorrect and I am presented with the options of retry, cancel and something else. I just hit cancel and low and behold another messanger program turns around and does it again. I wonder if it has anything to do with dial on demand options in the ICS options, I just thought of that. I'm so lazy, I just live with it.

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