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Is there anyway for Friefox to open when I want to check my email through the link in Msn? I already have firefox set as my defult browser.

MSN build 7.0.0604
Firefox 1.0.1
IE 6.0.2600.000
It's a known issue with MSNM, and as far as I know, there is no fix. It simply ignores your default browser settings and opens up in IE regardless.


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Hmm, wonder if the courts should go after MS for having MSN Messenger and IE tied together! :yowch: :crosseyed:
jk of course.


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When you use msn messenger, it uses IE in the background for getting all your info, so as a result, when IE is offline, messenger cannot work, so when you click a link in messenger, IE is already running in a sense, so the window is opened in IE. I hope this makes some sense, its just what I think and im not to sure if thats how it works :p. Steam is the same way, even tho you cant tell its IE, it still uses it and opens windows in IE reguardless of your default browser

So anyway, to fix it use trillian or gaim :)(I would go with trillian :p)
Geffy said:
MSN Messenger opens links in firefox just fine for me
Are you sure about that? What we're talking about is the link that takes you to your Hotmail inbox when you have new mail. I haven't heard of anyone who has been able to get that link to open up in anything other than IE so far.
j79zlr said:
I'm not a supporter of people who bundle malware with their apps (which is why I personally would never install this), but if you uncheck the sponsors boxes during installation, there's nothing really wrong with the app itself.


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The point is they try and deceive you, and it works alot of the time, I've removed hundred's of infections because of their crapware. I just don't understand why everyone is so defensive of that product.

Did you honestly read the EULA when you installed Windows? I didn't think so.


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No, I didn't read it. Fortunately Patchou doesn't hide it in there, instead he makes it very clear what his intentions are.

See the nice screenies below.

The 'Sponsor' Agreement has two choices. Both are very obvious.

I read what's relevant.
Always proceed slowly when modifying anything on your OS
Scan, and sometimes read the fine print. Then you don't get into any trouble. Didn't bother reading the EULA for Windows. It's irrelevant to the operation of my system.

I read the EULA for third party software, just on the lookout for a catch.

If your impatience gets you a nice spyware install, I'm ecstatic.

Patchou voices his thoughts for you as well. He has more sympathy for you.

Removed 100s of infections? hmmm. perhaps you need to work on the image you install for your clients.



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yeah the reason we are defensive is because it is the best msn addon there is, and no one can say otherwise, it is bottom line, and it doesnt do it without u saying ok install that crap, might be decieving, but thats the users fault for not reading it or seeing tha search bar, happened to me the first time, then i learnt from then on, thats what u get for making software free, u have to get support somehow. its a trade off, the reason why u wouldnt have to read the eula for microsoft windows xp is cuz u bought it for about 150 dollars or 200 or were suppose to buy it


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Removed 100s of infections? hmmm. perhaps you need to work on the image you install for your clients.
I am not a sysAdmin, if I were, the users wouldn't be able to install anything.

I am a moderator at some Spyware Forums, and a couple other sites, that deal with HJT logs alot.
you can't open your gmail by pressing on the email button on msn, msn is set to just tell you if you ahve any email assuming you're signed on using a hotmail or msn account, by just signing on using your gmail account it's not actually using it's using an account that was created through so you can creat any account like, [] and as far as msn msngr knows there is no email account for that user it's just an address used to sign in..
but on the other hand you can use stuff plug like it was mentioned above by mafia and macromp, i havent' tried that yet i use gmail notify


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Thanks for the responses
I just thuaht theres some tweak in the registry to fix this
Guess not

Hopefully they'll fix it when the final 7.0 will come out

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