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MSN 7 Beta Install file/registry key locations?


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After the fun I had yesterday when my computer decided to bluescreen and wipe the system config sector (I tried repairing but no dice.. it kept hanging during the repair install screen) I have got round to trying to install MSN 7 Beta but keep getting the message "C:\Windows\MSN Messener\msnmsgr.exe cannot start as the application has not been installed correctly. Reinstalling the application may fix ther problem".

Now I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the beta software, using Microsoft Cleaner to blast any bits of messenger registry entry that could be left around but may now need to restort to a manual reg import file / key cleaning. So does anyone know where the main registry keys are for this or know if there is a surefire way of fixing the problem overall?

PS I won't even get started on the problem I had with NIS 2005 :eek:

On another note, MSN Messenger and Messenger 6.2 work. The Beta 7 installer installs but comes up with that wierd message.


Dabba Dooba
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Think he ment they started blocking msn 7 users but i doubt they would block regular users. Also installing msn 7 wouldnt have to do with microsoft blocking them from connecting to the server since installing and connecting are different.

Anyway...did u try redownloading msn 7?

Admiral Michael

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TittleBitties said:
Think he ment they started blocking msn 7 users but i doubt they would block regular users.
Thats what I was thinking, but I think they were doing that befor they decided to release it. You can download MSN 7 BETA off the MS site, so I don't think they would be blocking BETA users.

I use MSN 7 BETA and have no problems connecting.

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