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Msi ti 4200 trouble



Hey guys I updated my geforce card from a geforce 2mx400 to a geforce 4 ti4200 i got it new for 150 bucks so i figured it was a bargin. But with the tv out I see all my desktop stuff and if I play games they show up but when I play video it shows my media player and video playing on my moniter but when i look at the tv it just shows the media player no video. Any Idea? My GF2 worked fine and it was great for watching dvds or stuff I had downloaded on my tv. all the settings look right so I dont know what it is.


oh i guess i should have mentioned I usally would just use (clone) and what do you mean drag it on the tv? the media player around? if so i never had a problem with that before with my GF2.Now if I play a video it shows up on my moniter and its just a blank black area on my tv.:(


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have a look on www.guru3d.com they have an app called tv tool hosted there, im sure this gets around the black screen, i think it's something to do with copy protection, not sure, but i think the cards have macrovision chips b4 the tv out


I just realized that if I make my tv primary the video shows up on the tv?? bizzare. and Im pretty sure its not because of copy protection. because the tv would play video and then fade in and out makeing it unwatchable some how with my GF2 there was never a problem. thx for the info GoNzO
By "drag it to the TV" I mean clicking and dragging the Media Player window around like it's going to a second monitor--an extension of your desktop. If you don't know what I mean, then I'll assume you probably don't do it that way.

Have you tried different players?


Nope I dont do it. And yes I have tryed a lot of differant players I read on another message board that it might be the new drivers doing it. Can you recommend a good driver cleaner utility? I'm useing xp home aswell thx

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