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MSI or Sapphire?


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I am debating which card to buy, MSI GeForce FX5200-TD128 128MB DDR w/ TV-Out or a Sapphire Radeon 9200 128MB DDR?

Any recommendations? Best performance and stability?


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neither of them is a really good card m8...

whats your budget? lets see if we can get you a better card for that system... unless you want to choose between those 2 cards only...

let me know :)
What SAZAR said.

Either card will be an improvement but IMHO they are over priced for what they give you in performance.

If cash is the driver consider a used 9500 PRO from ebay (or someone in here). To my humiliation I just found out my card is only worth $50 now. Sigh paid $200 for it a year ago.

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the FX5200 will run you around $50 - $75 US. If you save another $100 you can get an ATI 9600XT which is about the best for around $150 (and what I'm currently recommending when my friends ask about upgrades). If you can make the $200 price range the FX5900 nonultra is the sweet spot there, until the 9800Pro drops a bit more.

I have an FX5200 and it's alright (not good) for games from 2002 and early 2003. Most new stuff makes it cry. Halo is unplayable, also Farcry


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I am not a big gamer but there are the few new titles that when they do come out I do have a tendancy to try. Right now it's Far Cry, that game is the shyt, but can't run it in all its glory. I picked those cards as I am not sure if spending almost $200+ CAN is worth it right now with new cards approaching and prices then dropping of course.
If you have to make a choice...well, shoot. I guess the 9200 is better, but not by much.

I have one as my secondary video card, and the 5200 in my wife's computer. I'm probably going to dump the 5200 for a Radeon 9600 or better, though.

The performance of both cards is fairly similar, with the 9200 almost always coming out on top by a slim margin, and I have had a lot of compatibility problems with the 5200 for some reason, even though it's basically just a rebranded GF4 MX.


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side.. I highly recommend waiting if you can...

far cry is a pain in the ass to run on even pretty decent systems... heck I can't run it all out :)

save your bucks and spend wisely when you see the new cards come out in about 2 weeks time...
BTW I'm seeing the ATI branded 9800 PRO fror $200 USD about every other week. I think it's done fell. 2 weeks ago compusa, this week fryes.

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