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MSI mobo support for Opteron 185


The Analog Kid
Has anyone successfully run an Opteron 185 in an MSI mobo; specifically an RX480 (Neo2-F)? MSI support doesn't list the Opteron 185 as supported, but it also doesn't list it for ANY of their socket 939 boards. It appears that the RX480 supports EVERY other socket 939 processor, so my logic would say that it would support the the Opteron 185. It also supports the FX-60 which is basically the same processor but unlocked. (The FX-60 is what was supposed to go in the board, it's a long story that I will get into later).

So... the reason I ask this is that I had ordered an FX-60 based barebones system from TigerDirect (it was $329.99!). The order processed, my card charged and a confirmation was sent. So I went ahead and ordered the rest of what I needed from Newegg. When I received shipment, the processor was missing. The next day an email was sent saying that the order for the fx-60 was cancelled because they were out of stock. Now it was time to get on the phone. I explained how I was a little miffed that a) they would send a shipping confirmation email if it hadn't actually shipped and b) that they'd send the case/psu/mobo from a barebones system if they had cancelled the cpu? I also explained how I had ordered parts from another vender that would need to be returned at my expense (the ddr ram).

Tiger Direct rep gave me three options:
1. Wait for FX-60 to come into stock again (unlikely).
2. Let them send me shipping tags to send everything back (I'd still eat shipping cost to send ram back to Newegg).
3. Pick a comparable item. To me this would be the Opteron 185 but I'm not sure the mobo will support it.

Here's the link to what I had originally ordered.

http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-detailsInactive.asp?Sku=M452-2816 G
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I would think it would be okay, but I can't say for sure. The Socket 939 Opterons are basically just rebadged Toledo-core Athlon 64 X2's that have undergone stricter QA.

As you can see in my sig, I have an Opteron 165 (overclocked from 1.8 to 2.7) running on a ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe board. I'm not sure if the MSI board you have would support the 939 Opterons, but if it supports X2's, I think there's a good chance it will.
The Opterons are supposed to be fine in 939 MB's. They are just the cream of the crop, selected at test for low power consumption and highest clock speeds. They are also unlocked to allow overclocking.

If the MSI has FSb and multiplier manual settings you should be fine if you can get the system up and running on the Opteron with auto cpu detect to start. Setting the MB BIOS up with another cpu to start might get aroud any auto detect issues.

Not supported probably means any Opteron specific ID is not listed in the BIOS.

I'll do some more digging. I saw an article about using opteron in plain 939 MB's somewhere.
They are also unlocked to allow overclocking.
Actually, the 939 Opterons are not multiplier-unlocked (the FX's are).
They do overclock nicely though. I've got a ~900 MHz jump at below-stock voltage, and could probably push it higher if I cranked up the voltage just a bit. I'm fine with it as it is for now though. :)

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